From the moment our first pair of slippers stepped off the production line, we’ve tried to find ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. To help us on our journey, we partner with people as committed to making improvements to the way they work as we are. 05/06/20

That’s why we’re so pleased to be working with industry leaders, ISA Tantec Tannery - who’ve helped us save over six million US gallons of water during the creation of our latest range of shoes.

Just like us, ISA are driven by an aspiration to create the best product in the most sustainable way, all while striving for their supply chain to have a smaller footprint.

This desire to make a positive difference has not only resulted in a gold medal rating from the Leather Working Group. Read more about our gold medal rating- it has also led them to develop the innovative LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) manufacturing concept.

A fully integrated process, LITE has been specifically designed to moderate and control water and energy usage, as well as reduce the amount of chemicals used - lessening their impact on the environment and helping to save millions of gallons of water.

They haven’t stopped there either. In an effort to reduce their impact even further, ISA has installed solar heat systems and wind turbines for power, and bamboo walls to regulate temperature. Their building has also been specially designed to take advantage of natural sunlight - meaning less need to turn the lights on!

Learn all about ISA and their LITE process