From shoes to bags, we’ve been providing children with their school essentials for generations now, but we want to do more - we want to lighten our footprint wherever possible. 24/09/19

So, while we already test our school shoes on real kids, putting them through rigorous tests to guarantee they’re as robust and resilient as possible, we’ve also started to make them in increasingly sustainable ways. Check out just some of the facts and figures below.

100% of the leather used in our school shoe range comes from silver and gold medal rated tanneries. This means we’re sourcing from tanneries committed to reducing their energy and water consumption and waste production.

36,000 plastic bottles have found a new home in our ingenious gym bags in AW19. This sees post-consumer plastic bottles shredded into flakes and melted down, before being turned into the yarn used to make the bags.
3 bottles=a brand ‘new’ bag.

All of our school shoes (excluding plimsols) use at least one recycled component in the shoe. We’re working hard to identify sustainable options for plimsols next.

Over 2 million pairs of our school shoes contain a material within the lining made from reused plastic bottles.

The toe boxes and counter materials - which give shoes their shape - of all our styles (except plimsols) contain up to 35% recycled materials, helping to reduce manufacturing waste.

As many of our styles as possible use cushioning that contains elements of recycled foam and bio-based oil.

We may be experts at making comfortable, stylish, durable school shoes, but we’ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to sustainability. We’re on the right track though. Discover what else we’re doing to lighten our impact below.